Restorative Farming

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Adam and Eve
Starry Lake

Restorative Concepts

What we are doing is sharing a piece of land together that will be owned by The Whole Community. What we are doing here  is actually going to be putting broken up parcels back together again that should never have been taken apart in the first place. Reunifying what should have been left as one whole.

Same with the people. They should never have been separated from the land. This is called Restorative Land Stewardship. Here we will put the land and the people back together again restoring the balance that has been lost.

The Earth is not for sale

Nothing is for sale here. We take the very ordinary amounts of money that we do have that just flows right through our fingers to feed the endless expansionism of the global city monoculture and we use that to take care of our own very real needs and those of the community to create a better world on a Human Scale basis.

For these reasons we actually do have to have a very high degree of integrity and we do have much to consider in the selection of the people we might want to have with us here in Eden.

One of the main sources of jobs working outdoors with the plants animals and good friends will be the community owned and run Community Farm. That will be our main industry. It will be about 300 acres in all different varieties of Raspberries that ripen at different times of the year.

That will create a lot of jobs within our own Micro Economy. But so will some of the 70 farmsites around the perimeter of the valley with all the things different people are growing as well as The Vegan Village.

The Wild Half

The other half is the many other types of work people create for themselves within this community. The economy will then be about half community generated which is something we can control to make it work for the community and the employees.

The other half will be privately created. That will add the wild element into our Micro-Economy. What these wild people do on their Homesteads and Farm Sites is the Wild Half. Eden is only half human. The other half is Wild.

That is actually going to create the sense of a very healthy kind of controlled chaos and a balanced micro economy. We can't depend entirely on the one or the other. But together we have workable system that works by the exchange of nutrients and energies that just keep going around and around.

This is not about making money for its own sake. And yet we do work with that element too because we are a very pragmatic people. Everybody who works for Eden eventually gets paid.

We do like to know where our food is coming from anyway even if we are up to our neck in more raspberries than anyone can eat.

The land can eat it all, leaves, berries, canes, roots and everything. Same with everything else. Too much food is not a problem. That all goes back to the Earth. The same thing should be true about dead people. Where should they go? Back to the Earth. That is why we will have our own green burial grounds.

Too many people who cannot provide for themselves in the concrete jungle is a very big problem that we must take great measures to avoid. That's why we have to be careful how we set this up.

What Kind of People

We want people who can let go of a little money now and then and let it flow in and around the community. We are going to have to start becoming a very generous bunch of folks here. All of that goes around and around and then comes right back again.

More than enough and some to share is the way we live. Those who do good things receive good things in return. We do good things for good people but not in advance.

People with a vision really can make things happen when enough care has been taken to restrain the excess proliferation of the anti-revolutionaries who are always trying to stop our work of constant integration.

People have Power

It is not all that so very naive of us to think that we can start this community without having the whole thing signed sealed and delivered in triplicate. I don't think so. That was Kindergarten. That was not Eden.

Is that the way it is with jobs? Is that the way it is with friends? Is that the way it is with any meaningful relationship or worthwhile endeavor? Well no I don't think so. 

Imagine what would happen if you went to apple computer looking for a job and you were not down with the platform. They would probably not take too much further interest in you, so you do have to embrace the program.

No one is going to be interested in selling anything to anyone who is not already interested, and we don't make compromises with the Earth in Eden.

We are all workers

We are just beginning to think of ourselves as getting ourselves ready for becoming the stewards of the land because in reality the Earth owns itself. Eden owns itself and takes very good care of itself just like it would be with any natural relationship.

We all should know better than to disregard what it is that we are entering into here. We are not trying to change the world all in one fell swoop. We are just going to try to work ourselves back into that naturally balanced environment a little bit more completely that we came popping out of not so very long ago.

Everything will of course begin to happen to make that exquisitely possible and even quite enjoyable for everyone.

Things open up when you approach them in the right way. That is just a part of the Magic of Eden. And that is the Way of Eden. With Great Respect we will enter into Eden for the land and all that lives there.

We will enter with great care and listening to the others first long before we would expect to be heard. What we are doing here goes way beyond the usual expectations of the busy modern world where there really is no respect for land or community not to mention enough long term vision to get us across the bridge to the distant shores of our Childrens Land.

Never  Sell Out

We are not trying to make a living out of selling the future to pay for the past. We don't care that much about what people chose to believe in here. As long as you are with us on most of this. We welcome a certain amount of dissent here as long as it is the gentle kind. But we make No Compromises with the Earth.

Bring us a real contribution. Too much of nothing can become a cancerous growth that we don't really need proliferating in our midst and that could suck us dry as a bone. We are actually still waist deep in the promotional stages and the community building process begins right here and now. This is the Way to Eden. Don't get lost.

The ConTrib Pledges

We will start at $36,000 for each regular person, couple or extended family unit, or as little as $28,800. for Seniors. That will go up as we progress. But the land will be held as one whole and you're only becoming a part of the community as a whole not buying a piece of land.

Eden is not being broken up and parted out. The fact that you will then get to build a Passive Solar Home on 3 acres alone is enough to celebrate that as being one of the best deals you ever made in your whole life. That is the attitude we do expect to see.

This really could be seen as one of the best ways to put your money to good use. You will be pledging whatever the amount is when you join in.

Right now all we are asking people to consider doing is to begin to prepare to be able to put up the standard $6,000 down and then your payments will only be something like $380 a month. Seniors get in for even less.

Seniors essentially get One Fifth off at each and every level so if you are old enough to claim that benefit, you can pick your level of support, and the more you wait, the more you save, so take your time.

We do want to see a sizeable contribution towards the work of this project now just to let us know you are really more than just wandering around in a daze here .

It does usually take something like 3 to 5 years to gain any recognition whatsoever in any tribe of native peoples or any community that may consider taking you in so please do come prepared to earn the recognition and the loving respect and the change in the way you operate that you have long wanted to see in the world, because that is where the real problems are.

When you give nothing and have done nothing you can only expect to get nothing and be nothing which is the rotten deal you made with the world on someone elses advice.

Road Support

We go on the road sometimes and I am now being given the opportunity to speak to the people more and more and to meet with groups so someone does have to be there at our table just to mind things who can handle the basic questions people always ask like: "Is there any water?"

What is the Next Step?

This is just the beginning. Imagine how much more there is that you still cannot see or even begin to imagine. And I do think we have a right to expect a few people to want to become real supporters of this project now and to forever hold their peace.

What can you do now? $1,500. puts you on the Stewards Council and it saves you a big fat place in line for one of the long and deep Eden Homesteads. That will support the beginnings of your real involvement with our work here as real change makers.

We are not here just to become dead weight upon the world.

That will go towards your Pledge when the time comes to resume setting up the flow for the rest of it. And that will help us all to begin to build up some kind of a Land Fund now that will be there for the needs of a growing EcoVillage Community.

I think we should all learn to invest in the emerging projects and in the peoples efforts to do great things for the Earth, instead of focusing on the peoples needs for more resources that will just go to support more overpopulation, and the need for more wars and bigger wars will just keep spiraling out of control.

Cooperative interaction is a very good thing. Bringing the resources back home. We should not export globalization. Information is not the answer. Technology can be very dangerous. Look what happened in Rwanda.

Other alternative individuals and groups are strongly urged to reach out to us so that we may learn from each other. Do not impose any of these store bought beliefs upon the Eden Project.

In our current condition of anonymous isolation we might waste too much of our precious time reinventing the past.

The questions we have already closed our minds to may already have been answered in the future, and that could be over very quickly. That is why we need to start putting good people out there into the deep future now, so they will be there when we need them need to be there. Any volunteers? Eden is no place for cowards.

Let us pull our heads out of the sands of self defense, and start making new connections, fanning out, finding our strength in selective inclusivity with a marital twist, only here you are married up to the whole community and not just T.

Eden is just the most prominent spear head of a deeply emerging and highly diverse international movement that embraces the most extra-ordinary people on the planet, who are disengaging from the status quo.

Let us begin to pull together for mutual aid and support and begin to plant the seeds of The Emerald Forest that is based in the emerging organic technology that is still hidden within the natural world.

We will create the beginnings of a new ecologically based viewpoint on all things that have always worked within a Natural Order of Priorities in a loving way, even though that may not be apparent to many people.

Then we can proceed with the environmental healing of the Earth and her peoples who most definitely do not need any money. No part of the ecosystem is ever in need of money, as that is only a man made construct.

The reason they teach us that we need money is to keep us all trapped on the treadmill. And because we think we need money we think "they" all must need money too, when that is still not at all the case.

Should we get them all started on money now? That would probably not be of any good service to the Earth, as that money addiction, such as it is already now, is just exactly what is killing the Earth.

To increase that kind of dependency would only bring about our swift demise. We may even tend to think that anybody who doesn't have money must need money, but money is not a biological imperative. That is why we do not participate in the shopping frenzies of a dying planet.

We do watch it all in horror and we do share it with our other friends in the Emerald Forest, but we do not welcome those who still buy into it. That is why self centric money based concerns will not be welcomed in Eden.

Eco-Logical thinking is a whole new concept that was first discovered by T and a whole lot of other people late one night.

We will be taking our proper places within the Earth, as Edenites, and becoming the indispensable parts of a greater whole, that Native Peoples have predicted, and then others will begin to emerge who will be able to join in with that Oneness and Wholeness of Spirit that Eden represents which is Truth.

We will be becoming self sustainable Stewards of the Earth which has become our little home away from home. But because of the fragile nature of the planet we have selected, let us all come in peace, and do bring no harsh words to this group which does not need any approval from those who represent only the Status Quo for the most part.

We meet at various times throughout the year. All true members will be expected to be there. Everything is done with the spirit of kind contribution. Bring something to share. First, as soon as everyone has arrived, there will be a circle go round.

You may step forth at that time and share with the others something about who you really are, and how you think you might relate to the project at hand.

Then you can just sit back and enjoy the proceedings without needing to be wondering when you are going to get a chance to talk.

Eden is a whole new thing. Everything works through the voluntary exchange of resources and nutrients in an ecological manner of growth and with some willingness to accept some guidance and direction.

We support both Life and Death as being a part of a single whole system that works. Acceptance of Death is part of  Diversity and Oneness of Spirit is important to understand and that means not having a beef with T or anything unless that really is absolutely necessary, but don't be too quick to grab anybody or anything here unless you have already paid the price and made all the arrangements.

As a result, there is not going to be any real opportunity for the usual kinds of social theft and the getting away with murder all the time that most people have become so accustomed to relying upon, as a way of life that works for them, even though it is bad for the Earth, and that includes the flaming blame game and the compounding numbers of blunders among those who may have no place in Eden but to look, listen and to learn.

This is what we mean by Truth Talk. This can all be learned by others, even though it may seem like a whole new language: Lateral Movements, Wrongful Enrichment, Premature Emancipation. Eco-logical Integration. The Natural Order of Priorities. The Honor System. Universal Justice.

The kind of talk most people are used to using is a whole different thing that is based on empty slogans, and that is the kind of abuse of truth that we are disengaging from.

We do need to see someone, who can bring a laptop and will take the minutes of the meetings. Then if you do a good job and you say good things, you may be able to  become a Moderator.

There may be a natural order of priorities here that has been carelessly overlooked. That much is clear. We are all related but only in a very specific manner. It could even be that we do not even own our own bodies.

How could you possibly own your own body unless you had built it your self? Now if you don't even own your own body, then what then do you actually own in regards to Eden? How about the Golden Gate Bridge? Very little comes up at this point among those who look straight into the Truth. We own nothing.

Money is an empty placeholder. Is this a workable situation? Can we live with this new thing called Truth? The Good News is that, Yes, it all works just fine without any need for comprehension up to a certain point indeed, just like we have all seen in the natural world. That is how everything has always worked, and there may not be any other way.

It is only our own store bought beliefs that do not work because those are empties and fillers. No Blame. We just had it all wrong as a very primitive people who just didn't know any better and couldn't get it together until this point in time which is just before the beginning of the end is over with. But that is no cause to file a complaint because we didn't have a deal nailed down to begin with. What does that tell you?

There is still much work to be done. And that may be why we have been given the gift of having just enough power if we join together to get something real done in time before the end times are upon us all

Eden is here to change all that. No more dependency upon the grace others. And it might even be expected that the land would be delivered when this group of people are ready to receive it in full accordance with what they have earned and really do deserve to believe is real, since most people have no idea what is real and what is not real. That much is Guaranteed.

All The People of Eden do need to be able to show the right kinds of Spirit which is what we should all be looking for.

Thank you all for allowing me to speak up about some of these things without too much of a tendency towards the usual kinds of resentment and revenge which would normally be expected.

The Natural Order of Priorities, which have been known to all Native Peoples have been obfuscated and twisted around.

That is why we are on the decline Eco-Logically speaking and on many other levels for good reason. We have to start thinking about what is good for the stability of the whole community which in turn must in some way begin to serve the needs of the whole Web of Life again the way it used to be without losing all the benefits of all this so called "high" technology.

That is the True Vision of Eden.

It is not for us to follow the experts any longer, since they have led us wrong. Most people are still promoting their own collective personal agendas that comes from self interest and those of the status quo which have largely been generated by the advertising industry.

Notice how the experts at the big news media always feeds us all right into neediness and fear and dependency. The more fragmented we have become to the point of anonymous isolation, the more dependent we will be upon them to tell us who to go to and what to believe. 

It is time now to put Truth First and to start thinking from the whole community perspective and to forget the imaginary sense of self importance that is part of the choice centric world view which will always try to drag anything down to where they can get a hold of it and rip it off the Tree just for the momentary sense of premature emancipation from the full pressure of Truth Embeddedness which is what you will find in Eden.

That is why it must be very difficult to get a grip on Eden so these invasive intruders cannot twist and tear this growing tip of the Tree of Life into little bits and pieces just to suit their own needs of personal self importance. Not that we need these people to change. They can take their time.

Eden works with the way people are right now. That is the amazing thing. Compare the real possibilities for your own true self. Change can happen later when the time has come for that.

This way we are just asking people to become real benefactors, even though we will all be the first ones to benefit from our own generosity because we are going to have the best chance of long term survival as the lowest of the low and the humble Benefactors of the Earth must always get their own houses in order first before they can welcome good folks into their homes.

Then when we are finally allowed to die and return back to the Earth, or even leave this planet in honor and grace or continue on with this important work elsewhere in the universe, it is always going to be well understood that your well cared for homestead is going to be left to the people of this community one way or another as just another one of your many generous contributions towards the good work people are doing in Eden and for the Earth which needs our kind support at this time of the year.

All other expectations may need to be dropped. So please do make a generous contribution of maybe Thirty Five dollars or more just to support the cause and in recognition of the work you have seen completed so far and don't be afraid to give us a taste of your own assessment of that work. It might help to have pictures of everybody in your families and from every member of this group just to keep this fine vision of hope and help alive.

We now have well over 700 great big fat members in this group which is huge for any single community email group...

We do have some great big fat publications in the works that are just dying to be printed, and that will allow us to reach out to a lot more people. But we can only do that with your help. In return for that we will now be able to send you not only The Eden Journal which is something real that you can show to your friends, but now you will get the Free DVD along with that just as a token of our many thanks. - T

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